Tuesday, January 11, 2011


Your family car is like the sovereignty of the Hawaiian Kingdom.

Your car would make anyone wealthy who could occupy it.

The theft is clearly unlawful, even against the their own laws and constitution.

So after generations of denying and obfuscating the issue, the thieves finally admit they stole your car.

They concede that it's really not their car (Apology Bill, US law 103-150,) that they really don't have any title to it, but they declare how much they love the car, and how the grandchildren of the victims can't operate the car anymore anyway.

They also say since they have had the stolen car for so long, they now have a claim to it.

They have even repainted the car (Statehood) and done some maintenance.

And now they want to compromise.

They offer the grandchildren (you) the hubcaps, and when the you refuse, they try and offer you the wheels (Hawaiian Homelands.)

Then they offer to let you drive the car on Sundays (New Hawaiian Nation OHA is now proposing.)

Whoever gets title to the car is vastly wealthy.

That's why they've tried to brainwash you, telling you there is no title to the car anymore.

Yet valid title does still exist and international law as well as Hawai`i and US laws say the car still belongs to you and your family.

What does it take to get it back?

Demand the entire car back. Then jump in the driver's seat and drive away.

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