Thursday, August 08, 2013


Kupuna (elders) have been receiving several emails from Kana`iolowalu asking if they would help encourage others to sign up on the Native Hawaiian Roll.

Yesterday a Kupuna received another email from "Commissioner Na`alehu Anthony" again asking for her to kōkua. This time she wrote back with an emphatic "A`OLE!"

Aloha Anthony,

`A`ole, I will not assist you. I was very dismayed by the decision to "roll over" all those who had signed up with Operation `Ohana and OHA Hawaiian Registry. Why??? Very simple. Operation `Ohana was a registry to verify Hawaiian ancestry as was the OHA Hawaiian Registry program. 

Neither program said anything about being a part of the nation building process, or their information being used for political purposes. As for Kau Inoa, each person would indicate on the form in section D whether they GAVE CONSENT FOR THE USE OF THE INFORMATION for -

1. To verify the ancestry of other family members

2. Used to notify me about the process of creating a Native Hawaiian governing entity. This includes but is not limited to any election information, campaign announcements, and updates.

3. Upon formation of the Hawaiian Governing Entity, I authorize the release of my information from Hawai`i Maoli to the Hawaiian Governing Entity.

And in section E, Privacy Policy, it states "Your personally identifiable information will not be disclosed or used for purposes other than those specified by your consent.

So, for each person who signed with Kau Inoa, if they did not specify or did NOT GIVE CONSENT, then you are in violation their personal decision and have breached the contract they signed.

The decision to roll over names on from those 3 programs has caused a great alarm and a great sense of distrust. Yes, I signed with Kana`iolowalu as I CHOOSE to be a part of the nation building process, but I will not be a part of this campaign that has chosen such a pilau path to get the desired "numbers".

When I first heard about Kana`iolowalu, I thought this might possibly be the first step forward, but after the "roll over" decision, I am not comfortable with this organization and will have to watch carefully what comes next."

Kupuna (name removed)