Monday, August 12, 2013


Today marks the 115th anniversary of the US imposed illegal annexation of Hawai`i.

How has this played out for Hawai`i Nationals and native Hawaiians?

Native Hawaiians constitute roughly 23 per cent of the population, yet represent 54 per cent of the prison population.

They have the lowest per capita income, highest poverty rate and shortest lifespan of any ethnic group in Hawai`i.

Despite record profits for many businesses, jobs are scarce and most of the available work pays minimum wage or close to it.

On every island married couples with children often work two jobs each to make ends meet - if they are fortunate enough to find that many jobs, even at minimum wage.

Hawai`i imports two-thirds of its food from the US mainland. Locally grown food is expensive due to high land prices.

Is it any wonder more and & more people want the illegal annexation and occupation to end?