Saturday, June 21, 2014


We want to alert you to a unique opportunity to let Neil Abercrombie and his fake state of Hawai`i along with the US Department of Interior know how you really feel.

This coming Monday, June 23rd from 9 AM to Noon in the state capitol auditorium will be the ONLY opportunity for the public in Honolulu to give testimony to the DOI.

The DOI claims this event is wide open to the public to give their mana`o.

Yet on the official agenda, Neil Abercrombie, countless Hawai`i fake state officials, Robin Danner, the CNHA, the SCHAA, Kamaki Kanahele and other special invitees are scheduled to testify - FIRST.

On the official agenda, the public is listed as dead LAST.

What that means in reality is that the clock will run out before any public testimony is given.

“Oh, sorry, but weʻre out of time! How did THAT happen?”

"No really, we do want to hear what you have to say - honest!”

So hereʻs how you can tell them what you have to say - Weʻre calling everyone to be at the capitol building from 9 AM to Noon on Monday to protest.

Let them know that you know this is a complete sham.

Let them know that Abercrombie and his re-election stunt, OHA, the Native Hawaiian Roll commissioners, Robin Danner, the CNHA, Kamaki Kanahele and the SCHAA do NOT speak for you.

Itʻs critical that large numbers of people are there to protest so the media knows that our opposition to the proposed administrative rules is the story rather than Abercrombieʻs re-election campaign.

We encourage you to come with protest signs.

Here are some suggestions to put on those signs -

Kamaki Kanahele Is Not Our King

Robin Danner Does Not Speak For Us

SCHAA Shafts Hawaiian Homesteaders

Abercrombie Against Hawaiians

Hawaiians Say NO To Rule Changes

Go Home DOI

DOI Will leave Hawaiians High & Dry

Bye Bye DOI

No Aloha In OHA

Get the picture? This is the one and ONLY opportunity the public will have in Honolulu.

Be at the fake state capitol this Monday morning at 9AM to let them know how you feel.