Tuesday, February 28, 2017



Hawaiian Nationals Are Working To Peacefully End The US Usurpation Of Hawai`i & To Restore The Hawaiian Kingdom As A Friendly, Independent, Neutral Country

Although the United States cause a regime change in 1893 and later usurped and displace the Hawaiian Kingdom government with a puppet government called the "state of Hawai`i" and although the US concealed and suppressed the facts and tried to wipe out any vestige of the sovereign, independent nation, the US could not extinguish the nation.

Having never been extinguished, the Hawaiian Kingdom is a nation in continuity - it still exists. And a s longas there are Hawaiiian Nationals (Hawaiian subjects) who maintain their allegiance to their nation, it cannot be extinguished.

Thus, the government, the Hawaiian Kingdom, is merely in suspension, waiting to be reawakened by the call of its nationals or subjects, the people of Hawai`i.

The Hawaiian Kingdom government has been dormant for many years. Hawaiian Nationals, the citizenry of Hawai`i are working to reawaken, reactiviate and reinstate their nation.

The objective is to end the US usurpation and reinstate the Hawaiian Kingdom as an independent nation.