Monday, February 27, 2017


A Hawaiian National Is A Person Whose Home Country 
Is The Hawaiian Kingdom.

Nationality has to do with oneʻs country, not oneʻs ethnicity.

the most important component of a nation is its people - its "nationals.ʻ reactivating the Hawaiian Kingdom as an independent nation is the job of "Hawaiian nationals," the subjects of the Hawaiian Kingdom.

The Issue Of Nationality
The United States never acquired Hawai`i. Therefore to say Hawaiian are US citizens is wrong. The questions for Hawaiians today are - Wjay is my nationality? Am I Hawaiian or American? Can I get back my Hawaiian nationality?

Why Is This Important?
When the Hawaiian Kingdom is restored as an independent nation, who will run the country? Certainly not the US or its puppet "State of Hawai`i." The Hawaiian Kingdom will need its subjects - its nationals - to oversee the Kingdom laws, decision-making, management and operations.

What Does "National" Mean?
A "national" is someone who identifies with, has legal political ties with, and ows  allegiance to a particular country.

Who Is A Hawaiian National?
(1) a person who is an ethnic Hawaiian (2) a person descended from a Hawaiian National or (3) a person legally naturalized to the Hawaiian Nation.

A Hawaiian National assumes all rights, benefits, responsibilities and obligations under Hawaiian Kingdom laws.