Tuesday, July 24, 2018


Please forward this to all Hawaiians and our supporters.

Many of you have asked us which candidates we recommend for Office Of Hawaiian Affairs trustees in the upcoming August 11th primary election.

Our answer is based on two premises -

First, while we recognize the Office Of Hawaiian Affairs is a part of the fake state, and therefore a part of the prolonged illegal US occupation of Hawai`i, we feel strongly that as long as OHA does exist, it should serve all its beneficiaries well.

For far too long this has not been the case. Rather than serving beneficiaries, private under the table dealings, personal enrichment and fortifying the illegal occupation has characterized activities at OHA.

Furthermore we are not convinced that voting in the upcoming OHA election is at odds with or contradicts support for a Free Hawai`i. This vote is about ending corruption at OHA so those kanaka beneficiaries and their `ohana who need help the most can receive it.

Our second premise is that only two things should dictate who to vote for -

One is making sure the forensic audit occurs.

The second is the removal and replacement of OHAʻs CEO, Kamana`opono Crabbe.

Unless these two things happen, there will be no reform of OHA.

Both of these actions have been stymied and blocked for too long by several of OHAʻs “old guard” trustees.

Your vote in this election is critical to shift the balance and majority vote of trustees so these two things can occur.
Unfortunately perfect candidates, like perfect human beings, do not exist.

And many who are running are not electable.

Therefore some of those we recommend for election are not without drawbacks, but do have a good chance of winning.

Most importantly, those we recommend support the forensic audit as well as the removal and replacement of OHAʻs CEO and if elected will shift the majority vote in order to make this happen.

Despite drawbacks, these are the ones who are electable and will make sure the forensic audit happens and vote to replace OHAʻs CEO.

Based on the above, we recommend the following -

At-Large Seats (3) - Rowena Akana
                               Lei Ahu Isa
                               Keali`i Makekau

O`ahu Seat (1) - Samuel Wilder King II

Maui Seat - Does not appear on the primary ballot. (Since there are only two candidates, both will automatically advance to the general election in November.)

We are fully aware that you may currently have reservations about some of the above recommended candidates.

For example, some have questioned Sam Kingʻs position/support regarding the Thirty Meter Telescope. Yet Sam does state that he supports the “protection and proper management of Mauna Kea.”

Simply put - if any of the above candidates are problematic but you are committed to reforming OHA, hold your nose & vote.

These are the ones who will create a new majority so that the “old guard” trustees will no longer be able to hold the other trustees and OHAʻs beneficiaries hostage and drive their private agendas.

OHA beneficiaries and voters have a unique opportunity now to reform OHA.

Please vote August 11th.