Sunday, September 27, 2009


Rarely do we get a peek down the road as to how something will affect us in the future.

Yet something is happening in Hawai`i right now that allows us to do just that, and the view isn’t good.

It involves who will be let in versus all those left out under an Akaka bill.

Watch Free Hawai`i TV this coming Wednesday for details - news you won’t like, but won’t want to miss.

Storytelling takes center stage in a brand new Voices Of Truth that features haumana (students) of Hakipu`u Learning Center from Kane`ohe, O`ahu.

Filmed during the Celebration of the Arts at the Ritz Carlton on Maui, you’ll soon see why our future is in very good hands on Voices Of Truth – One-On-One With Hawai`i's Future.

MONDAY, September 28th At 6:30 PM Maui – Akaku, Channel 53
“Telling Stories – A Visit With Calvin Hoe”

Storytelling has long been an important part of Hawai`i’s culture. Calvin Hoe, whose family started the Hakipu`u Learning Center in Kane`ohe, O`ahu, showcases his students & music at Maui’s Celebration of the Arts. In a very special segment, join the circle of students, hear the story & music of whales & rediscover that connection we all have to our earth & elders - Watch It Here.

MONDAY, September 28th At 7:00 PM & FRIDAY, October 2nd At 5:30 PM Hawai`i Island – Na Leo, Channel 53
THURSDAY, October 1st At 8:30 PM & FRIDAY, October 2nd At 8:30 AM - Kaua`i – Ho`ike, Channel 52
SATURDAY, October 3rd At 8:00 PM O`ahu, `Olelo, Channel 53
“In The Company Of Masters – A Visit With Kauanoe Chang”

Imagine this - 15 years pass since being in the arts yet Hawaiian master artists proclaim, "start an art school & we'll help you." That's what happened to Kauanoe Chang, director of HOEA, Hawaiian `Ohana for Education in the Arts. Her goal - place students with a passion along side some of Hawai`i's greatest artists. The outcome will surprise & amaze you – Watch It Here.

Voices Of Truth interviews those creating a better future for Hawai`i to discover what made them go from armchair observers to active participants. We hope you'll be inspired to do the same.

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