Monday, September 21, 2009


Maui News - September 14, 2009

Looking back to when the illegal provisional government of the United States tried to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the farce that Ko Hawai`i Pae `Aina (Hawai`i) was part of whatever - I enjoyed advocating for the truth by joining the demonstrations at the airport and the state building.

The biggest pleasure I had was seeing the small and watered-down celebrations of those who live the illusion that Ko Hawai`i Pae `Aina is part of America.

There were no fireworks, no parades, no waving of banners and flags. Why? Because you cannot celebrate evil.

The second thing that I found great pleasure in was when my fellow civilized people cut the 50th star from the American flag and put a match to it. The ultimate demonstration of our true feelings and ku`e (protest)....

...You cannot honor genocide, lies, theft, breaking of treaties and the occupation of a peaceful nation. America is the kid with his hand in the cookie jar and chocolate chips on his lips and still insists that he never ate the cookies. The only ones to back him are the ones that shared in the immoral behavior.

America preaches the Ten Commandments and breaks every one. A culture of hypocrisy, not democracy.

Gaby Gouveia

Makawao, Maui