Tuesday, September 22, 2009


Dear Senator Akaka,

It saddens me that a kanaka maoli (native Hawaiian) such as yourself would want to perpetuate the United States' belligerent occupation of Hawai`i by introducing legislation such as S. 1011 (Akaka bill.)

If you believe this is good for maoli, why is it then that your classmates, Louis Agard (Buzzy) and Kekuni Blaisdell are opposing it? Is it that you believe you are a wiser man then they? I believe you are all wise men, but the difference seems to be that they recognize the truth behind the United States-Hawai`i relationship, a relationship that has brought dispair to maoli for well over a century.

Selling our soul to the devils with S. 1011 won't help anything, it'll be another smoldering trident thrust into our backs by the devils.

I'm sorry but I must disagree with your statement that S. 1011 benefits everyone in Hawai`i, S. 1011 benefits the American occupation of Hawai`i, and it is clearly racist.

It does not benefit from the truth that maoli are NOT native Americans and we will never be native Americans. That is an insult to our maoli ancestors, including yours. Take a look at the sad conditions of the majority of native Americans and ask yourself, is this what I want for my people? I hope your answer is no....

I have the greatest hope that S. 1001 dies like all prior attempts to place maoli under the plenary authority of the Interior Department. Dialog needs to be opened between the United States' State Department and all descendants of the Hawaiian Kingdom regardless of race.

I urge you to practice pono (integrity) or the high position in the United States government to which you have climbed to will be poho (hollow,) a sad and embarrassing legacy left for your descendants. They'll still be here after you're gone. What should they say when people ask them why you did this to Hawai`i?

If S. 1011 is adopted and they remain in Hawai`i they will become outcasts amongst the maoli. Is this the future you want for them?

If you really want to help your people 1) drop your efforts to further the United States belligerent occupation of your homeland, and 2) Work towards getting Hawai`i placed back on the United Nations list of nations to be decolonized.

The United States lied to the members of the United Nations that Hawai`i became the 50th state. The statehood process was just as illegitimate as the fake annexation of Hawai`i by a majority vote of the US congress. You know and I know that Hawai`i was never lawfully annexed and was never lawfully a state of the United States.

Please don't sell Hawai`i's soul to the devils....

He Hawai`i Au!

Isaac Harp
Hawai`i Island