Friday, September 11, 2009


Maui News - September 9, 2009

In regards to Richard Hillman's letter (Sept. 2), I find it amazing how people justify an illegal action with the mindset that if America didn't take Hawai`i then someone else would have.

I know some people who really feel that way and that is why they think it's a good thing that the Hawaiian people's government was overthrown by the United States of America. This is how they justify stealing.

If America hadn't taken Hawai`i, we may be under the control of Japan, France, England or Russia. But we are not. When Iraq invaded Kuwait in 1990, America sent in troops along with other countries to liberate Kuwait. Tell me what is the difference?

The Hawaiian government at the time of its overthrow was recognized by the world as a sovereign nation. If we still had control of our kingdom in 1942, I'm certain that America and its allies would have sent in troops as they did in the rest of the Pacific to stop Japan from getting closer to North America.

Yes, it's a fact that America stole Hawai`i and we are now a part of the United States. The part that Hawaiian people have a hard time understanding is if I steal from you, I will be prosecuted under the law, but if you stole from me it's OK because some other country would have done it. What a great concept.

Boysie Maxwell

Waiohuli, Maui