Saturday, September 19, 2009


Maui News - September 14, 2009

It would behoove a Sept. 5 letter writer to acknowledge that the majority of Hawai`i who "voted overwhelmingly for statehood in 1959" were in fact American military personnel stationed on O`ahu.

That doesn't sound like Hawai`i voting for statehood. That sounds like America voting for statehood, the way America voted for annexation....

"Love it or leave it." Really? Is that what's going through your head when you see sovereignty protesters on the side of the road? Would you say that to your Hawaiian friends?

If that's what you have to say to someone who would merely show support for us, could we then safely assume that you would take pleasure in seeing the whole lot of us sovereigns shipped off to some Third World ghetto along with anyone who agrees with us?

I certainly hope not, because that would be, dare I say it? Un-American.

Pua`ena Ahn

Pearl City, O`ahu