Thursday, April 26, 2012


Fake State Trying To Trick Hawaiians Into Embracing Bondage To US

This Saturday, April 28, from 9AM to 1PM, the “Native Hawaiian Roll Commission” (NHRC) chaired by former governor John Waihe’e, will hold an “informational meeting” at the State Capitol Auditorium in the chamber level (basement) of the capitol building.

The Native Hawaiian Roll is the fake state’s regurgitation of the infamous “Akaka Bill” that failed for 12 years to pass Congress.

Hawaiian Nationals should definitely be there to expose this new NHRC scam (remember Kau Inoa?) and turn it to our advantage.

Plan on attending this meeting and let’s see if we can mess things up by asking uncomfortable, penetrating questions like -

- Do I have to be a US citizen to enroll?
- Do I have to be a “Native Hawaiian” (big “N”=50% koko) to enroll?
- Will Hawaiian Nationals (who are not US citizens) be allowed to enroll? Why not?
- What happened to Kau Inoa? Why isn’t that roll being used?
- What happened to the Hawaiian Sovereignty Elections Council? Why was that process abandoned by the state? Why is this Native Hawaiian Roll different?
- Can this Native Hawaiian Roll ever lead to independence for Hawaii?

Their clumsy or evasive answers to these questions should give us what we need to stifle this Akaka-regurgitation scheme before they actually try to implement it in June.

Everyone is needed now to pound away at this Native Hawaiian Roll scheme in the public arena (press, editorials, letters, demonstrations, statements, radio, tv, internet), and hammer the “informational meetings” by attending and raising all kinds of questions about the NHRC’s parameters, process, purposes, vision and ultimate goal.

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