Friday, February 15, 2013


Honolulu Civil Beat - February 14, 2013

As expected, the Hawaii House of Representatives passed House Bill 1133 repealing the Public Land Development Corporation.

The vote was unanimous.

Rep. Cindy Evans, who oversaw a five-hour hearing on HB 1133 and other PLDC-related bills Saturday, said public opposition to the PLDC was overwhelming.

“Clearly, the way it was structured, the public came to a point of understanding that the authority we gave the corporation bypassed county plans and zoning laws,” she said. “The public felt it had no say in what was going to happen in their community.”

Noting that the bill that set up the PLDC was changed significantly with little notice during the legislative process two years ago, Rep. Cynthia Thielen described the repeal of Act 55 as “a victory for the people of Hawaii.”

Several lawmakers called the public reaction to the PLDC “a teachable moment.”

HB 1133 now goes to the Senate for consideration, where senators have been tinkering with their own version of PLDC-related bills. Read Civil Beat’s recent coverage of the legislation.