Thursday, September 19, 2013


Hawai`i is not a part of the United States.

The current government, the “State of Hawai`i,” is a corporate construct of the United States that resulted from a series of unlawful acts stemming from the 1893 unlawful takeover of the recognized, peaceful, civil government of the Hawaiian Kingdom.

The government of the United States has twice officially acknowledged (in 1893 and again in 1993) that its participation in the takeover of a friendly, neutral nation was an unprovoked unlawful act of aggression.

Suppose someone stole your car, forged documents and sold it to someone else. Does that new “owner” own the car? Suppose the new “owner” gave it to someone else. Does that new “owner” own the car?

Now suppose the original thief confesses to the crime of how he unlawfully obtained (stole) the car. Who owns the car now? Is it the person most recently in possession of the car, or you, the person from whom it was initially stolen?

Of course, according to common sense and common law, the answer is - You. Since you never gave your consent, the title of the car never lawfully changed hands to anyone else. You are still the lawful owner.

The United States claims it possesses the Hawaiian Islands. But the facts show that at no time did lawful title to the Hawaiian Islands actually transfer from the Hawaiian Kingdom to the United States either directly or indirectly.

To continue the analogy, the thieves who stole the Hawaiian Kingdom “car” fenced it to the United States, who has been driving it around as its own.

The takeover of the Hawaiian Kingdom violated the Hawaiian Constitution, the US Constitution and the Law of Nations.

According to the governing principles embodied in those documents, the only lawful means to peacefully change a government is by the consent of the people.

There was no consent of the people for the 1893 takeover, nor for the 1893 Provisional Government for Hawai`i, nor for the 1894 formation of the Republic of Hawai`i, nor for the 1898 Annexation to the US (which was not even legitimate according to US law).

And finally, the 1959 conferring “statehood” to Hawai`i was based upon the previous illegitimate acts and did not conform to the criteria or procedures required by international law under the United Nations Charter.

The “statehood” plebiscite constituted fraud and thus, “the State of Hawai`i” is an unlawful entity - a fake state.

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