Friday, December 17, 2010


Omnibus Spending Bill Pulled

The Omnibus Spending bill, which contained the Akaka bill earmark, is now dead.

The Akaka bill would have turned native Hawaiians into a US indian tribe, legitimized the illegal US takeover of the sovereign Hawaiian Kingdom over a century ago and sealed the theft by the US of Hawaiian lands.

US Senate majority leader Harry Reid pulled the bill completely from consideration last evening after thousands of people angrily called Capitol Hill from all across the US as well as Hawai`i and complained about the numerous earmarks in this fatally flawed bill.

The Inouye native Hawaiian Governing Entity earmark, as well as the Akaka bill itself is now dead and gone.

Mahalo to all who took the time to call and make your outrage known.

It might now begin to dawn on Inouye and Akaka not to mess with the people who love their land…