Saturday, November 23, 2013


Statement Of The Committee of Hawaiian Nationals - `Iolani Palace November 23, 2013

Apologizing for an offense is only a meaningless gesture if it is not followed by sincere efforts to resolve the offense. 

So far, the United States has done nothing but use the Apology against the interests of the Hawaiian people, and in particular Hawaiian Nationals. This has to stop.

On the 20th anniversary of the Apology Law, the Committee of Hawaiian Nationals calls upon the President of the United States, the US Congressional Delegation from the US State of Hawai`i, the Governor of the US State of Hawai`i, the Legislature of the US State of Hawai`i, the Office of Hawaiian Affairs of the US State of Hawaii and all other officials of the US State of Hawai`i and the United States of America, to take substantive actions to remedy the 120-year offenses for which it apologized.

The only proper and just remedy would be for the US to end its unlawful occupation of the Hawaiian Kingdom.

Therefore, we call on the United States and the US State of Hawai`i to provide an honest, workable exit strategy, including a timetable, for a peaceful, graceful withdrawal from the entire Hawaiian Archipelago, which comprise the lawful territories of the Hawaiian Kingdom.

We call for the immediate adoption of Hawaiian Kingdom laws to be administered in the Hawaiian Islands during the period of transition and execution of the US exit plan.

We call for an end to the discrimination and persecution of Hawaiian Nationals living in the Hawaiian Kingdom.

Furthermore, we call upon the international community, particularly Hawaiian Kingdom treaty partners, to assist in assuring a peaceful and orderly transition into a Free Hawai`i.

Pilipo Souza of The Committee of Hawaiian Nationals states, “The US apology basically said, ‘sorry for stealing your nation,’ but the Apology purposely avoided providing any remedy, and the US for the past 20 years has refused to engage in any meaningful dialog for reconciliation.”

Committee member Leon Siu adds, “Instead of returning our country, the US is trying to further subdue the Hawaiian people by offering to turn “Native Hawaiians” into a ‘federally recognized’ Native American Indian tribe. This is not reconciliation, this is subjugation. This is not freedom, this is bondage.”